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Discover Bitcoin and how the Mayer Multiple works. Learn more through dedicated episodes and Q&A sessions on The Investor's Podcast and. Most metrics aimed at timing or quantifying Bitcoin's market cycles, from a fundamental perspective, have by and large focused on the velocity of value settled on. The average Mayer Multiple since the creation of Bitcoin is The Mayer Multiple has historically been higher than today's value % of the time. As can also be seen above, the Mayer Multiple has never fallen below 0. A low MM ratio this web page indicative of bear market periods. By conducting simulations based on historical data, Mayer deduced that the best auroracoin bitcointalk results were gathered by accumulating bitcoin when the Mayer Multiple was below 2. AUG 04, This report has clearly outlined BTC's progress and why it will rise up further. The charts below show the evolution of the Mayer Multiple since the creation of Bitcoin, and for the past year. The Mayer Multiple essentially quantifies the gap between the price and day MA to identify historical values at which point bitcoin enters a speculative bubble.

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